Leon Draisaitl Interview

After the announcement of winning the Hart Memorial Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award NHL
Edmonton Oilers Superstar Leon Draisaitl took time for Hockey is Diversity to answer following question:
Hockey is Diversity:
Leon, congratulations on this great success! However my question goes in another direction.
In August before your game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Matt Dumba from the Hockey Diversity Alliance gave a very inspiring speech on racism.
Towards the End of August, on the initiative of the players, led by Vegas Golden Knights Ryan Reaves play-off games, among others, were boycotted.
How important is it that especially „white“ players join the fight against racism, use their platform, don’t look away just because it doesn’t concern them and raise their voice?
„It is very important. Like you said we all have a plattform that we can use. Some do it more, some do it less. However I believe that we all stand for one thing and that is that we are all equal on this earth. This is how it should be. And in this – race shouldn’t play a role, your background shouldn’t play a role. This is how it should be. I believe that hockey in the past few years has done a good job but there is still room for improvement. And like you said Dumbs (referring to Matt Dumba) gave a a great speech before the game and very emotional. We all stand behind this!“